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MAR 2015: Teaching @ Working Class

photo: Yvonne Chew

I'm teaching pre/professional classes at TSV's Working Class:

Mar 16, 18 & 20; 10—11:30am
Scotiabank Dance Centre

MARCH 2015: Unit/Pitt Residency

I'm dance artist in residence March 11–14 as a part of An Exact Vertigo, a residency/library/mini festival/community invitation/dancing museum/book publication/lecture series/workshop series presented by Unit/Pitt Projects March 4–April 4 in Chinatown, Vancouver.

Dance Party @ Unit/Pitt

With dj The Stunt Man, I'm hosting a party inspired by Saskatchewan socials:

March 13, 9pm

Please join us for dancing, music and drinks: no cover; cash bar.

I'm dubbing this activity public research, 'where dancers go public and the public dances'. It would be great to have you there!


FREE pre/professional dance classes @ Unit/Pitt

Tues Mar 10 + Thur Mar 12, 10–11:30-ish am.

How do we train in an art gallery? What changes when the public can see us practicing? What do we need to do what we do?


Semi-private research/creation @ Unit/Pitt

These sessions can be viewed March 11–14, 12-5pm, from outside, through the plate glass window, or come in for a closer look.


Come on down to dance, watch dance, read, discuss....

2015: Cut Away

photos: Yvonne Chew; design: Deanna Peters

Cut Away features four performers aged 24 to 64: Barbara Bourget, Kim Sato, Elissa Hanson and myself.

Blending our histories in Butoh, hip hop and contemporary dance, we are navigating how to move together, creating countless combinations that reveal where we overlap and where we diverge.

See Cut Away condensed into 2 mins in this video:

Cut Away was performed at Dance Allsorts January 18, 2015 and was a part of PushOFF, curated by Theatre Replacement and 605 Collective, February 5 & 6, 2015.

See a webpage I created documenting the process

Cut Away is generously supported by the British Columbia Arts Council, New Works, The Dance Centre and The Happening.

Study: Static

See my Videos page for more.

WINTER 2015: Itcush w/ Ziyian

Supported by the British Columbia Arts Council, I am learning the Itcush Method of the Mitzvah Technique with Ziyian Kwan, one of Canada's most accomplished dancers, and researching its affects on my body in everyday life, my dancing and my creative process. Learn more about the Itcush Method.

JAN 26, 2015: Facilitating @ MAMM

performer: Maxine Chadburn; graphic: Deanna Peters & Ahmed Khalil; photo: Yvonne Chew

DEC 22, 2014: Asbestos Boots

A dance in a bar, I created and performed Asbestos Boots with drummer, designer and all around great guy Stuart Sproule, with special guests Ashley Whitehead and Diego Romero, for Brief Encounters @ The Bad Ideas Cabaret:

Dec 22 @ The Railway Club

OCT 2014: Small Itch

In collaboration with filmmaker Aya Garcia, performer Ashley Whitehead and composer Paul Finlay, I made Small Itch, a short dance film.

Described on the DanceLand website "as an early 21st Century feminist critique of 20th Century body art", Small Itch will be screening in Seattle this December as a part of Velocity Dance Centre's Next Dance Cinema.

Study: Chair Slide

See my Videos page for more.

2014: Itch

A woman investigates the nature of her machinery…
A glimmering series of stills…
Searching for the nearest shore…

As Artist In Residence at The Dance Centre, I created Itch, a new solo with and for performer Ashley Whitehead.

Itch was presented April 29, 2014 @ the Scotiabank Dance Centre and at the Dancing on the Edge Festival, July 11, 2014.

2013–15: BODY TALK

As a professional dance artist, I am immersed in so much Body Talk; a specialized language of the studio that's practiced behind closed doors. However, much of what we talk about as dance artists is universally applicable.

The tips above are a way of bringing Body Talk out into the open, to share this knowledge with you and to promote a more body-centric philosophy.

Body Talk was created for a Pecha Kucha at Dance in Vancouver 2013 and presented at the Symposium for Embodied Artful Practices: July 3, 2014. Next up is an installation at The Dance Centre, 2015.

To see tips like these in your Twitter feed, follow me: @MutableSubject

DISCLAIMER: Although some of these tips are taken, sometimes word for word, from a specific teacher, I do not attribute credit for any of these. Dance's knowledge is passed down physically and orally and any one teacher's sayings are a mixture of those that teach/taught them (you can, however, find out about many dance artists all over this site, and on their sites, etc.).

2014: Structure Tone

photo: Chris Randle

Structure Tone is created with and for the 20 students of the 2013–14 class of Modus Operandi, Vancouver's contemporary dance training initiative directed by David Raymond & Tiffany Tregarthen of Out Innerspace Dance Theatre.

Structure Tone was presented at the Vancouver International Dance Festival, March 13–15, 2014 and at the Modus Operandi Show 2014, alongside works by 605 Collective and Out Innerspace, June 17 + 18, 2014.

see a performance of Structure Tone
see this funny rehearsal video
see these pics by Yvonne Chew of us in process
see these pics by Yvonne Chew of dress rehearsal


photo/poster: Chris Randle; dancer: Deanna Peters

photo of Deanna with a bare back, jacket on backwards

photo: Yvonne Chew; performers Alexa Mardon, Deanna Peters


A scored improvisation for 4 performers, 1 chair, my record player and LPs from my collection, NEW RAW is a wild ride through the deep-seeded physical desires of 4 young women.

After 5 weeks in residence, we presented 6 performances of NEW RAW at EDAM Dance, alongside new works by Peter Bingham & Rob Kitsos, Oct/Nov, 2013. We expanded NEW RAW for performances in Edmonton at the Expanse Festival, March 2014.

Fun rehearsal video for you (by Aya Garcia)

Thanks to Mark Jacobs for his VANDOCUMENT review | Thanks to Dr. Peter Dickinson for the review on his blog Performance, Place, and Politics

I crawled into a tent at Expanse Fest and was interviewed for the I Dont Get It podcast: LISTEN

choreographed & performed by Deanna Peters
in collaboration w/

performers: Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Alexa Mardon
costume & set: Natalie Purschwitz
lighting designer: James Proudfoot
outside eye: Helen Walkley

Below I've posted info about 4 of my collaborators, along with a song pick from each of us.

Deanna's song pick for you is 'Son of the Sun' by Willie Dunn: LISTEN

photo of Alexa Mardon

photo: Daniel Paris

Meet performer Alexa Mardon:

Alexa recently completed 3 years of training with Modus Operandi under the artistic direction of Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond, and holds a B.A. in English Literature and Writing from SFU.

This past year she has had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Modus students and alumni, interpret for Daisy Thompson, and to apprentice with Amber Funk Barton's the response.

Alexa's song pick for you is 'Slow' by Mount Kimbie: LISTEN

photo of Elissa Hanson

Meet performer Elissa Hanson:

Elissa's a graduate of Modus Operandi, a contemporary dance training initiative in Vancouver. She has performed with Out Innerspace at Vancouver Art Gallery's FUSE, ArtStarts and EDAM's Choreographic Series, and toured internationally with MOVE: the company, representing Canada in the Bangkok International Festival for Dance and Music.

Alongside other Modus graduates, she co-created Article In, a full-length piece, and has interpreted works by Tiffany Tregarthen, Justine A. Chambers, Amber Funk Barton and Wen Wei Wang. She has been involved in research with Dana Gingras of Animals of Distinction, Mascall Dance and Kinesis Dance Somatheatro.

Her current independent research includes several video/dance works, a new film presented at BC BUDS and research at BLOOM.

View excerpts of Fur Down There, a solo Deanna created w/ Elissa in 2011.

Elissa's song pick for you is 'Baby' by Donnie & Joe Emerson: LISTEN

Meet performer Molly McDermott:

photo of Molly McDermott

Upon returning to Vancouver from living and working in England, Molly has had the pleasure of continuing to dance for both Deanna Peters and Kokoro Dance Theatre.

Since graduating with a BFA in dance in 2007, she has also performed professionally for Kelly Bowker, Justine Chambers, Alison Towne, Lydia Wagerer and Co. Erasga Dance Society. As a co-director of the contemporary dance collective, The Story of Force and Motion, Molly has collaboratively choreographed, produced and presented work in Vancouver and Edmonton since 2007.

See Molly in At One Remove, a dance Deanna created in 2011

Molly's song pick for you is 'Suitcase' by Electrelane: LISTEN

Meet NEW RAW costume & set artist Natalie Purschwitz:

photo of Natalie Purschwitz

Natalie's an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. Her work seeks out spaces between art, design, performance and daily life. Her curiosities include anthropology, the notion of survival, clothing as a type of cultural production, language and mythology.

Natalie shows her artwork internationally, designs costumes for a wide range of productions and maintains a small clothing line called Hunt & Gather. She has studied at the University of Calgary (BA, Archaeology) the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science (NY, NY) and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (BFA, Media Arts). In 2012 she was a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts International Residency award in Paris, France. Natalie grew up in Radium Hot Springs, a small town in the East Kootenays.

Natalie's song pick for you is 'Tribute to Tomorrow' by Colouroid: LISTEN

JUL 2013: Down Goes Fraser

photo of me slumped over with blue tone that looks like I am underwater

photo: Ben Didier; performer Deanna Peters

Down Goes Fraser, a solo created by Vanessa Goodman for performer Deanna Peters, is presented at this year's Dancing on the Edge Festival: July 8; 7pm + July 9; 9pm @ Firehall Arts Centre

JUN 2013: Interplay

a flyer for an upcoming performance called this dance is not about

photo: Barnaby Killam

Check out my newest creation (This dance is not about...) presented by the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, a part of The Contingency Plan's The Interplay Project:

June 7 + 8; 8pm | 7646 Prince Albert St, Vancouver | $15

Join us (Deanna Peters, Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Jennifer Hamman, Alexa Mardon, Areli Moran, Shannon Hargrove, Ahmed Khalil, 6 chairs, Deanna's record player and lp's from Deanna's collection) as we challenge (via irony, history, personal experience and instinct) your perception of dance (like, wtf is it?).

FEB 2013: Natural Light

an animated gif of a recent dance I created: 6 women sliding off chairs light paper


three funky vintage record sleeves, side by side

Every Tuesday this month, I present some new dance bits at the very informal BLOOM:

w/ varying varying forms:

Elissa Hanson, Molly McDermott, Dimples D., Deanna Peters, Areli Moran, Alexa Mardon, Nitzer Ebb, Shannon Hargrove, Marley Marl, Bruce Gilbert, Julia Barrett, Jenn Hamman

5:15pm (doors/bar at 4:30pm) | Mascall Dance: | $10 includes wine!

5 minute bits by 5 choreographers
a wine-pairing w/ each bit
a stand-up joke!!!

JAN 2013: public showing

a photo from Dominican Republic and Gambier Island

Please join me for a showing of my Solo Research Project, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council, with outside eye Helen Walkley:

Jan 18, 2013; 12pm @ Scotiabank Dance Centre

See what I have been up to: delving into somatic practice; researching impulses via improvisation; and connecting to more personal choreographic sources.

a lot of *@#$%^& rectangles

a montage of images of studios that I have danced in in recent years

When I was young I spent the majority of my time dancing and playing sports—as much time in studios and gyms as in my family homes, especially if I count attending my parents and brothers activities too.

The above montage catalogues just some of the studios I have 'lived in' in recent years in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Saskatoon...

DEC 2012: CO:LAB

image of a dancer, upright bassist and guitarist

I am a participant in The Dance Centre's CO:LAB where 3 directors, 6 choreographers, 6 composers, 6 dancers & 6 musicians get down in a 'collaborative laboratory'.

Check out an aural sample of what we got up to (upright bass: Adam Hill; guitar/pedals: Ron Samworth; listen for dancer: Elissa Hanson)

Advice from Thelonious Monk

a scrawled note from Thelonious Monk to 'drummers'

SEP 2012: solo

refelction of me dancing in a parking garage mirror

photo: Yvonne Chew

I perform scratchin' gravel… September 15; 4pm @ Scotiabank Dance Centre. This work stems from my participation in Barbara Bourget's year-long Solo Choreography Workshop (including writing we all did about our experiences).

In my application for the Workshop, I stated my desire to create solely from internal sources, eschewing my usual process of working from external influences like music, visual art, literature and film. The result, so far, is a bare bones movement study.

scratchin' gravel… is what it was like for me making this solo...

MAY 2012: theremin workshop

photograph of inside of theremin

I am 1 of 8 participants, 3 instructors involved in the workshop, production, performance and exhibition of VIVO's SLAB 6. We are interfacing the theremin's capabilities with audio/visual devices, electronics, lights and mechanics.

Check out the show May 18; 8pm or the exhibition May 19; 1—10pm @ VIVO Media Arts Centre.

SEP 2011: Mayor's Arts Awards

photos of our night at the awards

I am the 2011 recipient of Vancouver's Mayor's Arts Award for Emerging Dance, selected by Dance Honouree Barbara Bourget. I will use the award in the research and creation of a new solo.

JUL 2011: My Website

pic of my face with my chin on my kitchen counter

photo: Ahmed Khalil

This site is built and designed by myself, including all graphics and photos, unless otherwise noted.

To look at other communications projects I've done, please see my producer/designer bio.

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