Deanna Peters / Mutable Subject

I design and build communications for print and web. I also produce shows, parties, community projects, workshops and other events. I work with many artists and organizations and produce a lot of my own (mostly dance) projects:


  • 2010-present

    graphic design & specialty communications: working in collaboration w/ Justine on several of her (mostly dance) projects for print/web including Choreography Walk (map, document), In Vancouver (booklet), Family Dinner (recipe book, bespoke invitations w/ Ahmed Khalil), Residency Application (web graphics), PUT SOME CLOTHES ON (web graphics); I also designed, with Ahmed Khalil, the transit shelter ads, posters, postcards, programs + signage for copy, a movement-based installation Justine created w/ Josh Hite

    website set up: WordPress, CSS, content support

    video editing + support

  • 2012-present, Communications Officer (bang, bang)

    graphic design for print/web for this labour and dance service organization, including brand (re-brand 2013), logo, postcards, letterhead, membership cards, business cards, ads, avatars, social media graphics

    website set up + management: WordPress, CSS, HTML

    social media + other digital communications: Twitter, Facebook, monthly HTML newsletter, online resource posts, content development, research, writing, interviews

  • 2017-present, graphic design for print/web for this pre-professional dance training program, including student handbook, posters, rackcards, social media graphics, ads

  • 2013-14, community manager: planning + strategies to promote multiple live shows, film screenings, web actions; working w/ artistic producer, publicist, board of directors, partners, sponsors

    2013-2017, graphic design: management of visual identity (re-brand 2013 by Lake), all design deliverables for print/web, including postcards, posters, programs, sponsorship packages, avatars, social media graphics, video graphics

    2013-2017, website maintenance: WordPress, HTML, CSS, server/email set up

    2013-2017, social media + other digital communications: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, HTMl newsletters, multimedia content creation + management

  • 2016-17, graphic design for New Works' 2016/17 presentation series' and the performing artists/companies that they manage, working within their established brand guidelines, including transit shelter ads, posters, postcards, booklets, rackcards, newspaper ads

  • 2010-present, graphic design for print/web for this dance training organization, including logos, posters, class cards

    2010-present, website design + digital communications support: WordPress, CSS, newsletter template, staff training, server/email set up

  • 2016-17

    producer + writer w/ Alexa Mardon of this web platform initiated to widen the scope of what we talk about when we talk about dance

    website design, build + maintenance: HTML, CSS, content updates

    social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, graphics

  • 2017, graphic design for Everybody Dance, including logo, transit shelter ad and newsletter graphics

    2017, graphic design of brochure for Made In BC International w/ Eponymous + Ballet BC

    2016, graphic design for print/web of the Indie Opera Incubator Survey Report

    2016, graphic design of 20-page sponsorship package for print/web

    2016, graphic design w/ Ahmed Khalil of logo for Des arts dehors/Arts Outside

  • 2009-17, graphic design for various projects for print + web, including posters, postcards, brochures, specialty communications

  • 2011-2016, coordinator, collaborator + consultant around communications for a variety of Kristina's projects, including website set up (WordPress), graphic design for print/web, grant writing + editing

  • 2011-present, graphic design, web design + specialty communications for independent dance artist Helen Walkley, including communications planning + strategies for classes marketing; website design + build (HTML, CSS: 2011); graphic design for print/web; video editing + support

  • 2014-2017, social media + website manager of this magazine's presence on Twitter + Facebook, including interaction w/ thousands of artists, festivals + service orgs around the world; website set up (WordPress); quarterly web article updates; website ads


  • 2017, co-producer w/ Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Kevin Fraser, Jeanette Kotowich, Carolina Bergonzoni and Rianne Svelnis of this 'dance around the box' series of performances and social activities running alongside The Dance Centre's Dance In Vancouver biennale this November

  • 2015-present, as winner of the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award, I'm producer, creator, performer of META, a full-evening dance show Oct 27 + 28, 2017 @ The Dance Centre w/ performers Kim Sato, Justine A. Chambers; inside eye Katie Lowen; costume + set Natalie Purschwitz; lighting James Proudfoot; music DJ ICE-B; accompanying writer Alexa Mardon; videographer Aya Garcia; photographer Yvonne Chew; pre-shows by Kelly McInnes + Layla Mrozowski; supported in part by British Columbia Arts Council, Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award + The Dance Centre.

    Producer duties include grant + proposal writing; budget maintenance; fundraising; rehearsal coordination (hiring, scheduling, contracts, WorkSafe BC, payments); production coordination; promo for print/web (poster, postcard, website, HTML newsletters); press release, events listings, media enquiries, publicity (fall arts previews in The Georgia Straight, Vancouver Sun, Province); bar + volunteer coordination

  • 2016 + 2017, producer, curator, stage manager of this annual multidisciplinary group show w/ Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, featuring artists from across Canada; duties/roles include:

    • call to artists (Google Forms)
    • curation of artists from multiple disciplines + stage of career
    • prodcuction + stage management, including space set up + strike
    • website design + build (HTML, CSS, graphics, writing, server)
    • digital communications + social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp)
    • promo (press release, online event listings, online program)
    • online ticket set up + management (Google Forms, Square)
    • ad shares
    • artist, venue liaison; artist travel support; payments
    • coordinating workshops, post-show socials, bar, volunteers, videographer, photographer
    • working w/ Moberly staff, technical director
  • FEB 2017, co-producer of this solo performance by Amanda Acorn (Toronto), including stage management, lighting, sound, space set up + strike; digital communications + social media promo; online ticket set up (Google Forms, Square); box office; liaison w/ artist, FOH manager + volunteer coordinator; payments; coordinating post-show social

  • JAN 2017, co-producer of this group dance performance + auction by Daisy Thompson, including stage management; space set up + strike; digital communications + social media promo; online ticket set up (Google Forms, Square); box office; liaison w/ artist, FOH manager + volunteer coordinator; payments

  • 2015-2017, creator, player + manager of this series of basketball training sessions for professional dance artists w/ coach Katie Lowen, including equipment co-coordinator; outdoor venue liaison; correspondence, scheduling, payments; promo (webpage, social media, HTML newsletter); press enquiries

    2017, co-producer of 'performances' in the Woodward's Atrium, presented by the Vancouver International Dance Festival

    2015, co-producer of 'performance' under the Cambie Street bridge, presented in the Choreography Walk at Dance In Vancouver

  • 2016-17, organizer of these FREE peer-to-peer house dance training sessions, including correspondence, scheduling, venue set up, grant writing, video editing

  • DEC 2016, organizer of this undraiser party w/ DJs Scott Greenfield + Carlyle Mark, including set up + strike; hiring, scheduling, payments; coordinating volunteers, bar, door, sound equipment + other supplies; all promo (print, web, social media)

  • AUG 2016, producer, choreographer, performer of this fundraiser party w/ Alexa Mardon + Erika Mitsuhashi, Jeanette Kotowich, Elissa Hanson, Scott Greenfield, Pierre Gauthier, including event host/MC, set up + strike; hiring, scheduling, payments; coordinating FOH, volunteers, bar, media equipment; digital promo

  • 2015, 2016 + 2017, stage manager + rehearsal director in support of Ziyian's projects the neck to fall, Kwan Yin + The Mars Hotel, including show calls, props handling, space coordination, set up + strike; working w/ technical director, band, dancers

  • 2014-16, organizer of free public dance parties in galleries + studios including venue liaison, set up + strike; hiring DJs, scheduling, payments; coordinating volunteers, bar, sound equipment, other supplies; all promo (print, web, social media)

  • OCT 2015, assistant stage manager for Wait For Me Daddy Redux, including supporting technical team + performing artists; show calls, props handling, orchestra/space set up + strike; working w/ technical director, stage manager, artistic producer, artists, students

  • JUL 2016, coordinator of the Dancing on the Edge closing night party w/ DJ Pierre Gauthier @ Firehall Arts Centre, including venue liaison, set up + strike; hiring, scheduling; organizing sound equipment; flyer design for print/web; social media promo

  • 2016, 'performing dj' for this Made In BC end-of-conference party @ Opus Hotel, including providing all of the party music (vinyl) and dance priming w/ Elissa Hanson + Jeanette Kotowich

  • 2015-16, organizer of a series of meetups to discuss ideas around curation in the performing arts; conducted in public spaces like bars/cafes, we invite a guest to moderate the discussion, including Dena Davida (Montreal, Jenn Goodwin (Toronto) + Kristina Lemieux; other tasks include public venue, participant + moderator liaison (scheduling, correspondence, recording + disseminating minutes, facilitating article sharing)

  • 2010-12, managing producer of Working Class: strategic planning + development w/ board + community members to initiate this dance training series and manage it for its first 2 years, including teacher, student, board, venue, partner, volunteer liaison; scheduling, hiring, contracts, invoices, budget, WorkSafe BC; fundraising; special event planning; marketing

    2010-present, graphic design for print/web for this dance training organization, including logos, posters, class cards

    2010-present, web design + digital communications support: WordPress, CSS, newsletter template, staff training, server/email setup

  • 2011, producer of Mascall Dance's Way Out West intensive, an 8-day workshop w/ faculty + participants from across Canada

    2009, producer of BLOOM, a 2-month dance composition workshop

    • Including:
    • artist, participant, venue + company liaison (scheduling, hiring, contracts, payroll, budget, travel, accommodation)
    • design, planning + distribution of marketing (poster, postcard, brochure)
    • webpage writing + management
    • blogger (interviews, writing, audio + video posts)
    • special event planning + coordinating (pot lucks, artist panel, Dance and Drum Jam)
    • coordinator of public showing (guest speakers, artists, volunteers, bar)
    • participant survey + final report
    • registrar, fee collection (including design of online purchasing system)
    • volunteer coordinator
    • working w/ artistic director
  • 2011, producer of Julia's (Toronto) 1-week Skinner Releasing Technique workshop in partnership w/ Ballet BC, including student, teacher + venue liaison; graphic design + production; promotional plan + implementation; registrar; public correspondence

  • 2009-11, co-producer of a series of 3 full-evening dance productions w/ multiple artists, including artist, crew + venue liaison (The Cultch, Roundhouse, Beaumont); graphic design + production (posters, postcards, programs, signage, tickets)

  • 2011-12, assistant to artistic managing director in multiple roles to support this annual international performing arts festival + mid-size performance venue, including website support (content requisition + management); graphic design for print/web; digital communications (Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp); ad sales; donor + sponsor solicitation/recognition; volunteer coordinating; grant editing; venue contracts; invoices; public correspondence

  • 2010, production assistant for this movement-based installation by Justine A. Chambers + Josh Hite, including supporting directors, performers, crew; set up of venue, a/v equipment, backstage, bar

  • 2009, artistic director of this interdisciplinary touring show, in partnership w/ Dance Saskatchewan, to promote dance arts in Saskatchewan, including maintenance of $60,000 budget; company manager of 12 dancers ages 16-26; outreach, guest artist, workshop producer; choreographer, teacher, rehearsal director; event coordinator (silent auction, visual arts installation, dance party); working w/ executive director, board, technical director, publicist

  • 2008-10, producer of various dance training initiatives, including hiring guest teachers, musicians; scheduling, venue, contracts, registrar; promo for print/web