Deanna Peters / Mutable Subject

I am a designer who creates for print and web. Past projects include logos, posters, postcards, programs, publications, large format and beyond. I also build, design and set up websites: HTML5, CSS and content management systmes like Squarespace and WordPress. I coordinate other digital communications and I am often brought on as a consultant and to train artists/staff.


  • 2010-present

    graphic design & specialty communications: working in collaboration w/ Justine on several of her (mostly dance) projects for print/web including Choreography Walk (map, document), In Vancouver (booklet), Family Dinner (recipe book, bespoke invitations w/ Ahmed Khalil), Residency Application (web graphics), PUT SOME CLOTHES ON (web graphics); I also designed, with Ahmed Khalil, the transit shelter ads, posters, postcards, programs + signage for copy, a movement-based installation Justine created w/ Josh Hite

    website setup: WordPress, CSS, content support

    video editing + support

  • 2012-present, Communications Officer (bang, bang)

    graphic design for print/web for this labour and dance service organization, including brand (re-brand 2013), logo, postcards, letterhead, membership cards, business cards, ads, avatars, social media graphics

    website setup + management: WordPress, CSS, HTML

    social media + other digital communications: Twitter, Facebook, monthly HTML newsletter, online resource posts, content development, research, writing, interviews

  • 2017-present, graphic design for print/web for this pre-professional dance training program, including student handbook, posters, rackcards, social media graphics, ads

  • 2013-14, community manager: planning + execution of promotions for multiple live shows, film screenings, web actions; working w/ artistic producer, publicist, board of directors, partners, sponsors

    2013-2017, social media + other digital communications: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, HTMl newsletters, multimedia content creation + management

    2013-2017, graphic design: management of visual identity (re-brand 2013 by Lake), all design deliverables for print/web, including postcards, posters, programs, sponsorship packages, avatars, social media graphics, video graphics

    2013-2017, website maintenance: WordPress, HTML, CSS, server/email setup

  • 2016-17, graphic design for New Works' 2016/17 presentation series' and the performing artists/companies that they manage, working within their established brand guidelines, including transit shelter ads, posters, postcards, booklets, rackcards, newspaper ads

  • 2010-2017, graphic design for print/web for this dance training organization, including logos, posters, class cards

    2010-2017, website design + digital communications support: WordPress, CSS, newsletter template, staff training, server/email setup

  • 2016-17

    producer + writer w/ Alexa Mardon of this web platform initiated to widen the scope of what we talk about when we talk about dance

    website design, build + maintenance: HTML, CSS, content updates

    social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, graphics

  • 2017, graphic design for Everybody Dance, including logo, transit shelter ad and newsletter graphics

    2017, graphic design of brochure for Made In BC International w/ Eponymous + Ballet BC

    2016, graphic design for print/web of the Indie Opera Incubator Survey Report

    2016, graphic design of 20-page sponsorship package for print/web

    2016, graphic design w/ Ahmed Khalil of logo for Des arts dehors/Arts Outside

  • 2009-17, graphic design for various projects for print + web, including posters, postcards, brochures, specialty communications

  • 2016, website setup (WordPress, server) for a musician/drummer who tours the world playing in many bands and creating various projects

  • 2011-2016, coordinator, collaborator + consultant around communications for a variety of Kristina's projects, including website setup (WordPress), graphic design for print/web, grant writing + editing

  • 2011-present, graphic design, web design + specialty communications for independent dance artist Helen Walkley, including communications planning + strategies for classes marketing; website design + build (HTML, CSS: 2011); graphic design for print/web; video editing + support

  • 2014-2017, social media manager of this magazine's presence on Twitter + Facebook, including interaction w/ thousands of artists, festivals + service orgs around the world; website manager + setup (WordPress); quarterly web article updates; website ads