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Robert Abubo

(Dance Karaoke)

Toronto-based dance artist Robert Abubo performs D.B.K., a dance karaoke version of his friend and colleague Ben Kamino's solo work nudity-desire.

Workshop w/ Robert Abubo!


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Interplay Q&A
From: Deanna Peters
To: Robert Abubo
Oct, 2016

Why Ben?

That's fucking easy. He's beautiful, frustrating, inspiring, impossible. His work (that i "karaoke") and my unrelenting loyalty to it and him are "why".

What sort of material(s) are you working with?

Ben is an analog guy, perhaps because there's something retro/chic for his generation to use tech from my generation. Versely(?), I've constantly been surrounded by artists who use the most digital/current things on the market. So, in the simplest terms, I'm using tech that I dig, though referencing Ben's interest in lo-fi tech.


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