LISTEN: NEW RAW vinyl set

I recorded myself playing the vinyl set from NEW RAW 3, with all of the static loops and speed shifts in there:

LISTEN: Mash-Up Battle

In honour of my perfect score from the judges at Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg's Lip Sync Battle, where I combined Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Missy Elliott, here's a little mash-up playlist for you all:

LISTEN: Cut Away

As requested, here's the playlist from my recent stage work Cut Away, ft. female musicians from the 1930's–present:

LISTEN: Sep_28.14

It's been over a year since I sent one of my playlists out! This one is inspired by My Man bringing home just a smidgen of the promotional cds discarded by his work, CBC Music. Lots of great stuff out there that we'll probably never hear. Hope you enjoy it:

LISTEN: May_01.13

I have not had much time lately for my 'playlist/research' persona, but here goes for some Spring listening, in a different, very slightly less illegal format:

LISTEN: Aug_08.13

All Dub, All Time: a playlist almost in chronological order. Death to dubstep!

LISTEN: Jul_01.13

There's a pattern here...Enjoy!

LISTEN: Jun_01.13

It is not tomorrow when I send this, unless you are getting it then, or the day after, or the day after that:

LISTEN: Feb_22.13

After many requests from students and friends, as well as some recent reads on dance and music,...I am 'publishing' a series of playlists:

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