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AUG 2016: Our NEW RAW SUMMER postcards designed by Ahmed Khalil.

AUG 2016: I'm a part of SummerWorks' The Conversations series, taking part in Who cares? A think tank of wishful thinking' moderated by Jenn Goodwin, Aug 11, 2pm @ The Factory Theatre in Toronto.

AUG 2016: I'm teaching a movement class Aug 9 @ The Factory Theatre in Toronto, as a part of SummerWorks Lab.

AUG 2016: We're gearing up for shows at SummerWorks in Toronto and we're hosting a ShowPartySendoff before we head out. You're all invited... Aug 5, 9pm @ Gold Saucer Studio. Featuring new performance works in progress by Alexa Mardon & Erika Mitsuhashi, Jeanette Kotowich, Elissa Hanson; excerpts of #NEWRAW; and video contributions from fellow Vancouver #SW2016 artists Hong Kong Exile and Catherine Murray. Party: DJs, springy wooden dance floor and bar ($5 highballs, beer, wine). Admission is sliding scale: $10-$25. Send Off: all $$$ raised at this event will go directly to funding our tour. If you can't attend the party, but would like to support our continued work with a donation, please email me. Tax receipts can be issued and all donors will be acknowledged online, in print and in our hearts.

JUL 2016: The NEW RAW SummerWorks show page, where you can buy tickets for our performances Aug 8 & 13 @ The Theatre Centre, Toronto.

JUL 2016: Supporting NEW RAW SUMMER in myriad ways is Kristina Lemieux of Brief Encounters. She has been helping me manage, produce and promote many projects over the past 4 years. Her NEW RAW SUMMER song pick for you is Astonished Man by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: "Sex and violence. Bodies move with each other, against each other."

JUL 2016: Alexa Mardon's NEW RAW SUMMER song pick for you is Tomboy by Princess Nokia: "'My little titties and my fat belly'...really what else can I say about this, I love it so much. Thanks to Ben Kamino for sharing this a while back. It's been my anytime pump-up song lately."

DP in #NEWRAW #rehearsal for #summerworks2016 @ #goldsaucer

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JUL 2016: Jeanette Kotowich's NEW RAW SUMMER song pick for you is Liberace's Lover by Kids on TV: "Have you ever wondered what NEW RAW rehearsals look like? -JK"

@summerworks_festival Launch Party tonight includes excerpts of #NEWRAW performed by the rockin' @alexasolveig & @emitsuhashi #SW2016

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JUL 2016: Elissa Hanson's NEW RAW SUMMER song pick for you is Firestarter by The Prodigy: "I LOVE CHOOSING SONGS!... the future all-male cast of NEW RAW"

JUL 2016: My NEW RAW SUMMER song pick for you is Fire by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, who's covering Arthur Brown: "Fellow-lane-dancers"

22 days until #SW16 and we are fired up!! Be sure to visit our website at Image by: @mutable_subject from their production "NEW RAW" that is apart of #SW16 #NEWRAW #countdown #festival #performance

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JUL 2016: Here's the NEWRAW at SummerWorks FB event page, for inviting Toronto peeps you think may be interested (BTW, FB would not let me write the title NEW RAW in the event page, WTF?)

JUNE 2016: It lives, Again!

Back in Van. Back in the studio. Image from rehearsal break today @ Gold Saucer. Working #NEWRAW with DP & friends @mutable_subject @alexasolveig @evihns for summer works performances in August, Toronto.

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MAY 2016: Excited to be in the studio working with Jeanette Kotowich on keeping NEW RAW fresh for #SW2016, especially after seeing her electrifying performance in Flicker by Dancers of Damelahamid last night.

MAY 2016: Video still from my 1st day in residence at SFU Woodward's. Thanks to Rob Kitsos! I'm working on keeping NEW RAW fresh. Also, continuing to go over the old piano books my Mom sent me and relearning to play. I'll definitely have to work that ladder...

MAY 2016: An EDAM Dance commission, NEW RAW was originally created and performed in 2013 by me,DP in collaboration w/ performers Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson and Alexa Mardon; costumes/set designer Natalie Purschwitz; and lighting designer James Proudfoot. With 10 performances in Vancouver and Edmonton to date, we are taking NEW RAW on an indie dance tour to SummerWorks in Toronto this August. We are very pleased to announce that Jeanette Kotowich will be joining us as collaborating performer.

APR 2016: NEW RAW WORKSHOP with Elissa Hanson! Interested in physical training, creative process and/or performance? Elissa teaches the 'mouth' solo from NEW RAW Apr 23; 2-5pm @ The Dance Centre.

MAR 2016: I'm honoured to be a part of I Just Want to Talk About How I Just Want to Dance with You, a series of 4 pamphlets on dance and criticism by Jacquelyn Ross. Our correspondence is featured in Comfily Clad in Adidas Sweats and Jackets. Also featuring conversations w/ Brynn Catherine McNab, Alexa Solveig Mardon & Jane Ellison. Snag one at the panel discussion on dance and poetics Mar 16 @ Unit/Pitt Projects (the launch of An Exact Vertigo 2016).

MAR 2016: As we're gearing up for shows this summer, I've password-protected the NEW RAW videos. If you'd like to view, please contact me:

AUG 2015: I've never before produced a work over 2 years. After 10 performances, it's fun to find an articulate student review, by Natalie Kohan, of NEW RAW from 2013: "Humour, darkness, and nervousness hit the audience like unanticipated explosions. Leaving no time to settle with any one emotion, dancers approach with yet another more intense concept of rhythm and energy"

AUG 2015: I recorded myself doing the vinyl set of the music from NEW RAW 3: LISTEN | track list

JUL 2015: "It's a cheeky dance slap in the face. And it feels amazing" Peter Dickinson review

JUL 2015: The second in a series of FREE public dance parties, join us for Summer Sask Social Jul 11 @ Gam Gallery. This party is an extension of NEW RAW w/ dj The Stunt Man tying the night together, playing all vinyl 'til late. Walk over (2 blocks) after the show to continue the dance...

AUG 2015: NEW RAW is a lot about backspace: ass backwards, baby's got back, back me up, back and forth, back off, back to back, behind your back, laid back, scratch my back...

JUL 2015: Kristina Curates Vancouver Art and Culture on EDGE 6, our shared bill with Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg: "So you thought you knew what contemporary dance was. These two choreographers, in very different ways, challenge what has become the "contemporary dance" look of Canada. One shifts the line between dance and theatre. One shifts the line between beautiful movement and the viscera - and it is as sexy as fuck"

JUL 2015: NEW RAW is back! Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Alexa Mardon and me, DP perform the 3rd edition of NEW RAW (w/ 3 new scenes) Jul 10 & 11 @ Dancing on the Edge.

JUL 2015: I'm honoured to be the first guest on Talking Sh*t w/ Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

MAR 2014: I crawled into a tent at Edmonton's Expanse Fest and was interviewed for the I Dont Get It podcast: LISTEN

MAR 2014: NEW RAW is a wild ride through the physical desires of 4 young women. We expand NEW RAW for performances in Edmonton at the Expanse Festival in March.

NOV 2013: NEW RAW Reviews! Thanks to Mark Jacobs and Peter Dickinson

OCT 2013: After 5 blissed-out summer weeks in residence, we dance 6 performances of NEW RAW in Oct/Nov at EDAM Dance, alongside new works by Peter Bingham & Rob Kitsos.

photo of Deanna with a bare back, jacket on backwards

SEP 2013: Me on the poster for EDAM Dance's Fall Choreographic Series

AUG 2013: WATCH a fun NEW RAW rehearsal video by Aya Garcia

AUG 2013: NEW RAW performer Molly McDermott's song pick for you is 'Suitcase' by Electrelane: LISTEN

AUG 2013: NEW RAW performer Elissa Hanson's song pick for you is 'Baby' by Donnie & Joe Emerson: LISTEN

AUG 2013: NEW RAW performer Alexa Mardon's song pick for you is 'Slow' by Mount Kimbie: LISTEN

photo of Natalie Purschwitz

AUG 2013: NEW RAW costume/set designer Natalie Purschwitz's song pick for you is 'Tribute to Tomorrow' by Colouroid: LISTEN

AUG 2013: My NEW RAW song pick for you is 'Son of the Sun' by Willie Dunn: LISTEN