Go-To Listens

Alexa Mardon, July 2016

I’ve been meaning to start a library of lectures, talks and interviews to listen to/watch while I spend time on and with my body – which usually happens at the end of the day when I don’t feel super productive but am not ready to totally shut off. At the moment, I’m reading Maggie Nelson’s The Art of Cruelty, and it has me thinking more than ever about my body in relationship to the art, theory, and politics I live with/in. Massaging my foot or lying on a ball while listening to Judith Butler talk about “the destructive acts born of unbearable grief” (whoah) is feeling much less perfunctory and more necessary these days. Here is the first of what may be an ongoing series for DANCE HOLE. Some of these links are on my to-watch list, some are favourites that I’ve gone back to more than once. What are your go-to listens for self-care, or onion chopping, or dish-drying downtime?

Glen Coulthard on Resentment, Reconciliation and Indigenous decolonizations in Canada

An interview with Helene Cixous on Writing Not Yet Thought via the worth-perusing website of Adrien Heathfield (this one isn’t free, unfortunately)

Judith Butler on Rage and Grief

Marten Spangberg at last year’s Post Dance Conference

Claudia Rankine on BBC’s Arts and Ideas Podcast

Alice Notley reads her poem At Night the States in Buffalo, NY, in 1987

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