Performance Encyclopedia by Ame Henderson & Evan Webber

8 Days V documentation - one approach

correspondences and essays - Dancer As Agent conference

One video, and one transcript (Marten Spangberg and Jonathan Burrows) - Post-Dance conference

Mette Edvardsen "catalog"

Sara Wookey's performance lecture on Transmitting Trio A

Notes from a conversation between Simone Forti & Steve Paxton

crowdsourced document on dance documents compiled by Sasha Kleinplatz

How about a time machine: a deep bite into history - podcast by Arash Khakpour & Diego Romero

Ame Henderson + Evan Webber: performance encyclopaedia, a show in the shape of a book.

Correspondence from Our Present Dance Histories by Alexa Mardon, Justine A. Chambers & Peter Dickinson

SLIP(PAGE), a project exploring ideas around language, writing, choreography and space.