Strategies to Host and Practice Outside of the Dance Studio

Deanna Peters, July 2016

Over the past two years I've been a part of An Exact Vertigo, where I've hosted movement classes, rehearsals and dance parties in an art gallery. Through these and many other hosting activities, I've learned a lot about dance practice and the unique work that goes into creating spaces where dance can happen safely and comfortably beyond the dance studio.

I've also recently become a member of Gold Saucer Studio, an artist-run, multi-disciplinary studio, office and event space in Vancouver. Working in these shared spaces – coming in to dance the morning after a party – I've learned more about the particular needs of dance artists and the invisible labour that goes into maintaining spaces for dance.

Please find below some of the strategies documents I've created to host particular dance events in less conventional dance spaces. I'm also including some other, handy strategies documents I've come across lately.

Strategies For Hosting Dance Classes In Galleries

Strategies For Hosting Dance Parties in Galleries

Strategies For Hosting Dance Practice In Shared Spaces

And, from elsewhere:

How to sit through a shitty performance as a performer via cheladyn

How To Keep Up In Dance Class via Steezy

How are we making work? What is the work we’re making?, strategies for making and presenting performance via Tonic Theatre

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